Connor Mcgregor transformation in 6 months

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 The Irish Connor McGregor is a very famous mixed martial artist known for his scandals and also his superiority above many fighters.  

With a record of 28 fights in the MMA competition (22 wins and 19 by knockout) and 6 losses (2 by knockout)

The most famous fights he did were against Khabib and it is on of the fights he lost by submission in the MMA competition, Connor also fought in professional boxing against the richest boxer Floyed Mayweather and he lost that fight too.

His last fight was held on 10 July  2021 against Dustin Poirier and lost by TKO (doctor stoppage), I this fight Connor left the octagon with a broken leg.

Following this injury, Connor has put on two-and-a-half STONE of muscle which is about 15 kilograms in just SIX months... as fitness experts insist it's nearly impossible to pack on that amount in that time-frame! which make us ask questions how he did it.

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding it is well known that athlete can make crazy transformations by using steroids, and this help them to gain muscles or be shredded in such a short time.

No one can confirm his use of steroids but him but it is so clear that he did not do that naturally for sure.

Moving from  156 Lbs to 190 Lbs is simply impossible for normal people especially when the gain is pure muscle.

Not sure yet if Connor will compete in heavier weight or not but it would be very challenging for him and most likely it wont be successful, especially that he is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) and also that he is 34 years old now.

Feel free to tell us what do you thinkk about this huge transformation of the Irish MMA fighter.

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