Gale Trumbeaux (80 years young) received her 3rd Dan

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 The age has a big factor when we talk about exercising in general or practicing martial arts, but nothing is impossible, and we can do anything if we have the will. It is true that aging has a direct impact on the body muscles, flexibility and power, because miracles can happen if anyone decided to change their lifestyles.

The old age would decrease the body flexibility, decrease the body mass, decrease power and of course increase the like hood of injuries.    


When teaching the older people, the trainer should pick the right exercises that are suitable for each age, because the injuries at this age are very bad because the recovery at old age is very slow and it may also lead to more complications, for this reason the instructor should be more careful when teaching them, and also be gentle and slow with no rush.

''Gale Trumbeaux received her third-degree black belt, which she tested for as a celebration of her 80th birthday.

The Agoura Hills resident has been practicing karate for 25 years. A former dancer, Trumbeaux took up karate as a way to stay fit and also found it empowering.

“Growing up in the (1940s and ’50s), we were taught ‘you can’t make a fist, that’s what boys do. You can’t fight back, that’s being a boy,’” Trumbeaux said. “When I first started karate it was just for exercise, but I had a big ‘lights on’ moment one time in class where I looked at all the ladies that were there and I thought if I started to take it seriously I could shake off this victim idea that I’ve had all my life, and that’s what I did.”

If you want to read more about her story, you can check the link below.

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  1. I trained on my 66th birthday and got my arse handed to me, best day ever! ☺️