Jean Claude Van Damme breaking a bottle

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 Jean Claude Van Damme is no wonder a very impressive actor in martial arts movies, and he also inspired millions of people around the world.

JCVD practiced Karate, other martial arts and also bodybuilding, which helped him to be an icon in the films of martial arts. A combination of flexibility, good techniques and bodybuilding made Van Damme one of the most attractive stars for the audience around the world.

The 1980s and the early 1990s were the best years of Jean Claude Van Damme and he filmed most of his great films in that era (in his twenties).

Besides his fans, JCVD also has so may haters that criticize him in several ways, but this does not decrease the value of his work in his movies.

Jean Claude Van Damme is a martial artist from Belgium, He moved to the United States with his friend Mohammed Qissi, and they both started their journey in martial arts movies, which was not easy at all, they both had to do sacrifices to get on the right way.

JCVD was born in 1960, He is 63 years old/young now.

We came across this video that was filmed about 5 years ago when he was aged of 58 years old.

It seems that Van Damme did not lose his flexibility through the years, especially after he filmed that Volvo advertisement demonstrating his impressive split between two big Volvos. Back to our video today :) 

Van Damme broke a bottle using a round house kick above this man in this Tv Show, and as we can see, Van Damme did not lose much by aging, and he still give his fans more motivation.

This is not the first time that JCVD show his martial arts skills, He appeared many times with his fans and also with some pro athletes, and the man wants to say that he is still kicking :)

After watching this video, please feel free to share your thoughts with us about Van Damme :)