GM Shinchul Kang in Hanmadang competition (Gold medal)

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Grand master Shin Chul Kang became one of the icons of the modern Taekwondo, He is one of the taekwondo practitioners who can demonstrate the beauty of the Korean martial art, well known for his impressive and mazing flexibility, GM kang has a unique performance for side kick (yop chagi) and axe kick (Neryo chagi).

Grand master Shinchul Kang participated in 1994 at the 10th Taekwondo Hanmadang and won the finals, and He participated with his disciples in Taekwondo Hanmadang since 1984 with no single absence.

 According to Grand Master Kang, one single promise made between him and his Master Jong-Su Hong (deceased) led him to compete at the Hanmadang championships for ten years straight.

After Grand Master Kang and his Iranian team ranked the 2nd place overall at 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, he won the title of the ‘First Champion of Foot Breaking’ along with the title of three consecutive victories at ‘Foot Breaking’ section, and this happed at the 3rd Hanmadang held just after one week from his return from Iran.

He told his teacher, Master Hong, that he has no more intention of participating into the championships because he had already won the title of the ‘First Champion’ and that he had achieved three consecutive victories. However, Master Hong suggested his disciple to continue to participate into the Hanmadang at least 10 times, so that may give other practitioners a great example. “It does not matter if you win or lose,’ said Master Hong.

“Yes, Sir,” said Master Kang.

Grand Master Kang then made few returns to Korea just to compete in the Hanmadang to keep the promise.

Grand Master Kang has been with light hearted mode after fulfilling the promise with Master.

The amazing part is that grand master Shinchul Kang is still inspiring millions of people around the world, and even in his 60s, GM Kang still has a great flexibility and still can kick very high.