Very emotional day in Jackie Chan's life

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 After so many years of real hard work and  a lot of martial arts movies, as an actor, producer and director, Jackie Chan won Oscar Honorary Award in 2016. 

Jackie Chan  appeared later on a Zhejing TV's live show, where he stands on stage, He watching the videos of very talented and courageous stunts who worked together with him for so many years. In this video, many of his old team members congratulating him and reminiscing their past hardships when they just started working in movies.

The stunt group was called "Chan Gang", 

Jackie Chan has not seen many of them for so many years and he even did not see some of them for over 40 years.

After watching this video, Jackie Chan was very emotional because this reminded him of all the hardship, friendship and the great achievement he had with these great talented stunts. His friend Eric Tsang asked Chan:  "Big brother, do you miss them? Do you want to see them? Suddenly Jackie Chan realized that his old friends were behind him on the stage. Jackie had tears and hugged his old friends, This was a surprise he was not expecting.

Jackie Chan is one of the very few actors who does his stunts by himself, and as a result Jackie broke every bone in his body as he said in many interviews. Many actors are hiring double stunts to do dangerous scenes instead of them, but in Chan's case, He is a  pro martial artist and he is well trained to do all those dangerous scenes.

Jackie Chan started as a stuntman when he was too young in his debut, and his best stunt was made in two of Bruce lee's movies, especially the scene where Bruce kicked the Japanese fighter, and Jackie was the stunt who was kicked. another stunt was also in Enter the dragon movie, where Jackie was a guard in Mr. Ann prison.

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