Dolph Lundgren competing in the World Kyokushin Championships 1979

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Dolph Lundgren is Swedish, born as Hans Dolph Lundgren the 3rd November 1957 in Stockholm.

His best and real beginning in cinema was when he starred in Rocky 6 as the imposing Soviet boxer Ivan Drago against the iconic Silvester Stallone.

After that Dolph did about 80 actions movies, and what most people do not know about Dolph is that he was a good martial artist and a fighter.

He was practicing Karate Kyokushin and competed is several championships before moving to cinema.

In today's article we would integrate a rare footage of Dolph Lundgren during his participation in the Kyokushin 2nd World Tournament that was held in 1979 (Tokyo, Japan).

His fight was against Makoto Nakamura who was a high level fighter and master at the time, and His nickname was “King of the Kyokushin”.

Sousui Makoto Nakamura was born on June 20 th , 1952 , in Japan , Osaka Prefecture. Sousui Makoto Nakamura with his strength and speed manage to capture the world championship tittle , not once but twice. Sousui Makoto Nakamura, winner of the 2nd and 3rd Absolute Kyokushin World Championship. 

These are some of his titles:

 2nd World open Tournament 1979 – 1st Place

 3rd World open Tournament 1984 – 1st Place

 9th All Japan championship 1977 – 3rd Place

 10th All Japan championship 1978 – 3rd Place

 11th All Japan championship 1979 – 1st Place

12th All Japan championship 1980 – 2nd Place

13th All Japan championship 1981 – 2nd Place

During this World championships Dolph was 22 years old while Makoto was 27 years old at the time.

According to Dolph, He had too much respect for his opponent was well known at the time, and did not do all his best, but still Dolph was a well respected opponent for Makoto.

Let's watch :)