Banned from UFC because he has metal fists

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 This American former marine was banned from fighting in the UFC competition for one strange and unusual reason, and it is not something we have seen or heard about before.

This young man was banned from competing in one of the most tough competitions in the world of martial arts.

His disability after losing his hands in Iraq become his problem to have a career in mixed martial arts competition, Nick Prindell got metal hands  and everyone was afraid to fight against him, because being hit by metal hands won't be a joke.

The UFC stated the following in their refusal letter: “…swung with average strength, the hands exerce 5,000 pounds of pressure. Which experts say is equivalent to being hit by a car in the face.”

5,000 pounds is about 2,268 kg, which is too much, and honestly  Nick Prindell does not really have to wait for an official approval for him to fight, because this is not safe for his opponents at all.

It would have been a better choice for him if he chooses to compete in Para Taekwondo competitions, and without his metal hands, and he would have his category.

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  1. He should compete in TKD matches cause they don’t use their hands not even to block. Lol

  2. Let the opponent have knuckle dusters then