Badr hari vs Alistair Overeem

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 A couple of days ago, the Glory competition had two special guests who made the night very interesting.

Two great martial artists met again for a fight under the organization of Glory. Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem met again after so many years.

This is the third time that both fighters meet, In their first fight Overeem won against Badr by a knockout in 2008, and after one year they met again and this time Badr Hari won by two knock downs.

It took about 13 years for the two to have another fight, The two champions are not in their prime anymore, Alistair is 42 years old and Hari is 38 years old, their moves in the ring are not the same like before especially for Hari who was knocked down a couple of times and lost this fight.

The interesting part is that Alistair comes from a different background, Ovreem is a pro mixed martial artist, with a very respectful and interesting record of 67 fights in MMA (47 wins, 19 losses and one no contest)

Overeem also had a record of 15 fights in Kickboxing, where he won 11 fights and lost 4 fights.

In the other hand, Badr Hari has a very important and great record of 125 fights in Kickboxing, He won 106 of them, He lost 17 fights, and 2 no contest.

The real decline of Hari started in 2016 when He lost against Rico Verhoeven, Hari fought two years later against the Egyptian Hesdy Gerges and the fight ended by a no contest, and in 2019 Hari met Rico for the second time and lost again after a leg injury.

After his fight against Alistair, It is time for Hari to retire from fighting, and he really has nothing to prove anymore, because he achieved what only very few fighters can achieve.

Here is the fight between Hari and Alistair