The Iranian Hulk knocked out in his debut fight

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Finally the fight of the Iranian fake Hulk just happened but against another opponent much easier than the monster Martyn Ford.

The Iranian Sajjad Gharibi made his shameful boxing debut against a little known athlete from Kazakhstan named Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich.

The Kazakhstan Titan is a bodybuilder and does not have a background in martial arts or boxing.

The two fighters met each other in Dubai for a boxing fight and it revealed the truth about the fake hulk :)

The Iranian ''potato bag'' hulk weights is 140 kg and the Kazakh Titan is only 93 kg, which is a very big gap in fighting competitions.

Sajjad has about a million of followers on Instagram while the Kazakh has only 20,000.

The Iranian Hulk was always showing off his power in social media, and we know that everything posted on social media is not true, besides, Sajjad post pictures that show him as a huge and big man, but in reality he is just a fluffy ''athlete''.

Fortunately the fight between the British Martyn Ford and the Sajjad did not happen, because it could be a real carnage. Martyn is not only an actor or an influencer but he is someone who trains hard, and he is physically scary and Sajjad is not a match at all.

Back to the fight between the Iranian Hulk and the Kazakh.

The fight showed that both athletes are beginners in what they called a boxing fight. Sajjad could not handle the punches of the Kazakh bodybuilder and the question is how can he survive against someone who really can box and fight? 

The Hulk was running away from the Kazakh and he was too soft to be a boxer :), The Titan knocked him down so fast and probably this will be an end for his show off career.

The Iranian hulk should avoid any fight if he was smart because a real fight will reveal that everything about him is fake, as it happened in yesterday's fight.

Enjoy :



  1. They are both brave and capable men. It takes great mental, emotional and physical strength to compete. Respect to both competitors.

  2. Looks like the Iranian's trainer did not teach him to answer his handphone, and he is not conditioned to receive blows...
    His confidence was shattered immediately after receiving a few shots on his head....
    What a pity that he is only asthetically strong but not functionally strong.....😰

  3. always thought the iranian hulk might be partially mentally disabled and this fight only proves it. Either he or someone from his environment puts some heavy expectations on him.

    Watching this- I didn't laugh, and I encourage doing the same to you. It's easy to make fun of the guy, but there seems to be something else going on that we don't know.
    And like someone said- getting on a ring to fight someone takes a lot of courage and puts a lot of pressure, especially on someone who doesn't spar regularily.

    I'm glad Martyn didn't fight, he would have killed this guy in 5 seconds. There is no glory in such fight, just blood on Martyn's hands