Taekwondo vs Silat (shame)

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The mixed fights between different martial arts are always attracting the attention of martial artists around the world. We have posted fights between different styles such as Taekwondo vs Muay Thai, Kung Fu vs kick boxing and so on.

The fight of today's article is about two different martial arts in many ways, Taekwondo and pencat Silat.

Pencak Silat comes from Indonesia and it is practiced in neighbor countries  too.

Over 150 styles of pencak silat are recognized in Indonesia, although the actual number of existing systems is well beyond that. Older methods are typically identified with specific ethno-cultural groups or particular regions.

We came across this short video between a Taekwondo fighter and Silat fighter.

Silat martial art is also using kicks but the fighter in this video used another style that is much closer to wrestling styles.

The fight was done under the rules of Pencak Silat and grabbing and throwing was allowed, which is not practiced in Taekwondo.

This Pencak Silat knew well how to deal with the Taekwondo fighter and knew how to stop his kicks by grabbing the leg after the kick and execute a projection, the first one was okay, but the second one was not. Taekwondo fighter tried a pushing front kick but the Pencak Silat fighter was too smart, He avoided that front kick in a good way and lift the Taekwondo fighter and performed a destroying projection on the Taekwondo fighter and smashed him on the mat.

Taekwondo fighter could not stand up and he seemed to have difficulties to breath because the shock was too strong.

We always say that Taekwondo practitioners should not challenge other martial arts if they are not ready for that, especially if they will fight under the rules of other styles.

The Taekwondo guy was not wearing any belt but his style and stance says that he is a beginner in Taekwondo.