Bruce Lee from 1 to 32

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 Bruce Lee is always an attractive topic even if Bruce lee passed a way 47 years ago. Lee changed the face of martial arts movies during that era, especially that most films at the time were a real fiction and too far away from reality. Those movies described the martial artists and the Kung Fu masters as supermen and having super natural powers, and sometimes they can fly :)

Bruce Lee changed this image and made movies closer to reality, and fights were more accepted logically, even if they include some exaggerations sometimes, for example beating many people alone.

Bruce Lee did not have an easy childhood especially as a teen, as he was involved in street fights and gangs, but luckily he moved to the United States which changed a lot in his personality and also took him out of the streets of Hong Kong.

Most people do not know that Bruce Lee did not join filming as an adult, but he was an actor kid and he appeared in many films as a kid, which made him ready to be a good actor when he got older.

It is not easy to get used to the cameras, lights and filming, the stress that actors have is just too much, and it would require a good training and experience to get used to all that.

Unfortunately Bruce Lee has a short life and we have seen only 5 great movies where one was not complete (Game of Death).

His successful carrier was between 1971 and 1973, and most movies where he appeared as a kid or even later were not watched by people or let's say they were not too successful.

We have found a very nice video that shows the life and picture of the little dragon from the age of 1 year to the twenty two years old which was the year of his death.

You would see very rare pictures of Bruce Lee with his family and also when he was acting as a kid.

Let's watch 👇