Removing his armpits glands was the worst idea ever!!

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We have posted many articles about the legend Bruce Lee, including his death at an early age, and there have been many theories about the cause of his death.

Today we are going to talk about another reason that could be the main cause that was behind the dramatic death of Bruce Lee.

This cause would be considered stupid for many people, and you would think the same way when you know it.

Few months before his death, Bruce Lee had a strange surgery to remove his sweat glands from his armpits.

Bruce Lee thought that his dank pits looked bad on the screen so the solution was to remove those glands from his armpits, but the bad thing is that his ability to dissipate heat would be reduced.

Bruce Lee movies were admired because everything was done perfectly and you can not find many mistakes, and the action and fights look more real. All these  things were not enough for Bruce Lee, and he wanted more perfection on his work, but unfortunately this would cost him his life.

Ten weeks before his death in May 10, Bruce Lee went to a tinny dubbing room to re-record the dialogues for Enter the Dragon, and in order to avoid the noise they have turned off the air conditioner. After 30 minutes the room became hot like a sauna, and Bruce Lee fainted and started convulsing. They took him quickly to hospital and he nearly died that time from a cerebral edema. The doctors diagnosed and treated it in the nick of time.

The doctors did not realize that the stroke that happened to Bruce Lee was caused by heat.

July 20, 1973 was the hottest day of the year in Hong Kong, and Bruce Lee was working and acting in scenes. With that heat, lee was not feeling well, and felt thirsty, and after drinking some water he felt dizzy, He complained of a headache. He took some pain medication that Betty offered him and went to lie down. Unfortunately Bruce Lee passed away before they even get him to hospital.

We hope this article covered another reason that caused the death of Bruce Lee.

In the video below, Jackie Chan was asked about how did Bruce Lee die, but his answer was short, and did not want to go too deep in the topic, and he just said that he died is someone's house, and he did not want to mention the name. In fact that someone was the actress Betty Teng Pei (The female in the picture with Bruce Lee above)

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