Uriah Hall knocked out his Idol Anderson Silva

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 Today's article is about real respect in martial arts, Respect is a very important pillar in every fighting style no matter where it comes from, and lack of respect destroys the great image of any art.

The truth is that most martial arts are losing their tenets, because the business side is promoted more than anything else in the martial art, and we even can see that scandals and lack of respect in events are selling more.

Id we go back to an MMA fight that was between Khabib and Conor, we have seen strange things from Conor such as bringing his wine during the media press and inviting Khabib to drink (Khabib never drink because of his religion and beliefs), and also other crazy things. After being defeating conor, Khabib jumped over the cage and attacked Conor's team, it was a mess and was not needed at all.

Tonight, the topic is about two professional athletes that showed a good example of respect to each other.

How does it feel to knockout your idol?

The answer was seen when Uriah Hall knocked out the legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva.

After the knockout the two fighters did bow to each other, and Uriah was emotional and crying, and telling Anderson: Sorry, I love you.

That was overwhelming moment for the two especially for Uriah who was very touched.

Uriah Hall has a respected record in the mixed martial arts of 25 fights (16 wins - 9 losses). While Anderson Silva has a record of 46 fights (34 wins - 11 losses - 1 no contest)

Uriah is 36 years old while Andersson Silva in now 45 years old.

A man who still enter the octagon at this age deserves much respect, because fighting there requires the physical competence and most importantly courage.

Do you think this should be enough for Silva? or he has to keep doing what he likes to do as much as he can.


The knockout video: