What a knockout

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 The knockouts and the knockdowns are happening in most martial arts that allow the full contact in their sparring competitions.

Most martial arts try to innovate their rules so that they make the sparring more safer for the athletes, and also to attract more people to the martial art.  

The majority of people choose non violent and full contact styles, and the prefer fighting styles that they can do and go home without bruises or broken noses :)

Taekwondo is a full contact martial art that the WT is trying to turn it to a pure sport, and the more rules and the protection gears, Taekwondo is safer than many other styles.

Today we want to share with you a video of a fight from our neighbors in Karate.

This fight was under the rules of the full contact karate, and as we can see the punches to the head were not allowed.

One fighter is wearing a Karate uniform while the other one is wearing a short and a shirt.

This fight happened in Sidney Australia as we can see on he fliers in the video. 

The style of the fighter wearing the short including his steps and kicks says that he did not have experience in full contact sparring.

In the other side, the fighter wearing the Karate uniform was only blocking the kicks and punches from the other fighter, and probably he performed only one single right punch, only couple of seconds before knocking his opponent out by a head kick and this fight took only 30 seconds .