Taekwondo athletes who tested positive for Covid19

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 During this tough year of 2020, the covid19 affected all the world with no exception.

Taekwondo is one of the most affected martial arts by this nightmare and all the competitions that require the contact between athletes had to stop for the safety of people.

All these precautions was the reason to create a new born competition that does not require gathering people in the same place,  such as poomsae online tournaments that work through application such as Zoom.

This week two of the Taekwondo family have tested positive for Covid19

It is about two athletes from the Egyptian national team, Hedaya malak and Abdelrahman Wael.

Hedaya Malak is a 27 female athlete who won many medals in the international events, including the Bronze medal in Rio 2016, a gold medal in African Games, a gold in African Champions, a gold in Grand Pix and many other medals in international events.

AbdelRahman Wael is a 25 years athlete who had two titles in his Taekwondo participations. He won a silver medal in the African Gamess held in Rabat 2019, and he was the gold medalist in the African Taekwondo Championships held in Rabat 2018.

We hope that the two athletes recovers soon from this virus, and we hope that we will get over this pandemic era so soon, because the world is getting tired of it. 

Hedaya was featured on the World Taekwondo Website promoting training at home during the lockdown of many countries, but unfortunately she also got that virus from somewhere, and we really do not have any more details about it, we just hope she will get over it soon with her teammate Wael .

For those who are back to training, please respect the new precautions, and put your safety first, and let's all pray that humanity will win against Covid19, Amen.

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