Big Taekwondo fighter knocked out a kickboxer fighter

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This is another fight between two different martial arts, and as we have mentioned before, the main reason behind posting these types of fights is only sharing what is going on martial arts community, and we do not mean to promote a certain style over another, because only the fighters and athletes can make their fighting styles look good or bad, and it all depends on their training and how they manage their fights, especially when they fight against a different style that may contain very real fighting techniques.

The fight in this article today in between Taekwondo and Kick Boxing. In the video the size and height between the two fighters can be clearly noticed.

Taekwondo fighter is Tall and heavy while the kickboxing fighter is short and light. 

Some people believe that size matter in fighting competitions while others do not, and in this fight the size did matter.

The kick boxing fighter was better in boxing while the Taekwondo fighter was good in kicks.

This fight did last only one minute and 15 seconds (75 seconds), and Taekwondo fighter succeeded to knock down his opponent in the first forty seconds by a punch that did not look that powerful, but after thirty five seconds the Korean fighter performed a strong roundhouse kick to the head and knocked out the kickboxer.

The Korean guy appeared in some K1 events also, and he was not an invincible man at all, and he was was also knocked out few times by other fighters, such as Muay Thai as an example.

The fight we have here is one of his successful fights, and we think it is fair to share it, especially that we had shared one of his fights where he was knocked out.

What do you think about this fight? Do you believe that size matter or not?


  1. come on, that guy was not a kickboxer! Nobody who has any training would swing like that!

  2. Size DOES matter but in a real fight you can’t complain, because you don’t t choose your opponent/s.

  3. Taekwondo dan anlamayan biri çıkmış biri oraya

  4. really....this is not real...any 10 yeats old kid ,could have
    taken those two "fithers".

  5. really bad fight.