The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung vs Brian Ortega

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The article of today is about the fight between the Korean Zombie chan sung jung and the Mexican-American brian ortega.

The fight was held 18 October 2020 in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Chan was born March 17, 1987 in South Korean, He became a pro fighter since 2007, He has a good background in martial arts, as he holds the 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo, The 3rd Dan black belt in Hapkido, Black belt in Judo and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He has a respected record in Kickboxing of 21 fights (15 wins and 6 losses) while he did 22 fights in Mixed martial arts (16 wins and 6 losses).

Brian was born February 221, 1991 in Los Angeles, his pro career started in 2010, he is ranked number 2 in the UFC featherweight rankings in July 2020,

His martial arts background is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he holds the 1st Dan black belt under Rener Gracie. He  has a record of 17 fights in Mixed martial arts (15 wins, 1 loss and 1 no contest).

when the fight started, Brian did successful punches to Chan's head, and besides his BJJ background he is also a good kicker.

The Korean Zombie also did successful punches and kicks.

In the second round Chan was surprised by a nice back elbow from Brian which almost knocked him down but he managed to stand up quickly.

The level of the two fighters in general was close to each other, but Brian did some effective punches that made Chan bleed.

Brian did not succeed to apply his BJJ skills on Chan who managed to escape.

None of the two fighter could end up this fight by a knockout, knock down or a submission, and we had to wait till the last round to declare the winner.

Brian Ortega won this fight and it was well deserved, no doubt about it.