One fighter destroyed three fighters in the same time

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Doing a sparring against many opponents is something that we mostly watch in movies, and even in movies it is taking much time and efforts to make good and entertaining choreographies. 

I do believe that most Taekwondo practitioners have tried at least once to spare against two fighters at the same time, and even if the sparring is friendly but it would require good skill and also the fast reaction and concentration.

The sparring rules in Taekwondo are forbidding the use of some techniques such as low kicks, head punches or attacking an opponent on the ground, which makes the Taekwondo kyorugi safer compared to other martial arts.

In the other hand, the Mixed martial arts competition is a tough sparring that allows many attacking techniques that can cause serious damages on fighters.

The fight in today's article was under the mixed martial arts rules, but the amazing part is that one fighter fought against three fighters at the same time.

The big fighter nicknamed Mad Max did a fight against three men, the three fighters are physically good.

The big guy is named Novoselov Maxim, born 15 Mai 1973 in Russia, He has a pro MMA record of 13 fights (10 wins,2 losses,1 Draw. We do not have record about the other two fighters but they did not seem to be pro.