New 14 Taekwondo poomsaes

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 The Kukkiwon has created 14 new poomsaes but we are not sure if they would replace the old 17th forms or they will keep some of them.  

The Kukkiwon did not update the Taekwondo community since the creation of these  poomsaes, and we really do not know if those new forms will be approved or not, and also we do not know the reaction of the Taekwondo community and if they would like to change their traditional poomsaes by new ones.

The difference in these new poomsaes can be clearly seen in the new schemes and also the techniques that can be a bit advanced compared to Taegeuk poomsaes.

I personally like these new forms but I would prefer to keep the old ones as well.

The poomsae are designed for Taekwondo practitioners from the color belt till the 9th Dan black belt.

Few years ago, the Kukkiwon created NEW poomsaes for the competition, and honestly creating those forms were not a good idea, because they integrated many kicking techniques that can not be learn in older ages and also that can be lost by age or by certain injuries. Those competition poomsaes are simply excluding a big percentage of competitors that belong to the old generation.

Watch these 14 new forms and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about them. Your opinions matter :)

*Color belts poomsaes:*

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 1 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 2 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 3 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 4 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 5 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 6 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 7 Jang -

Adult Yugeupja, Taekwon 8 Jang -

The second part of poomsaes are designed for black belts from the 4th Dan till the ninth Dan, and we still do not have a clear idea about the poomsaes that will be for the 1st till the 3rd Dan black belt.

*Dan poomsaes:*

Adult Yudanja: Irura, 4th Dan -

Adult Yudanja: Eoulrim, 5th Dan -

Adult Yudanja: Saeara, 6th Dan -

Adult Yudanja: Hansol, 7th Dan -

Adult Yudanja: Narae, 8th Dan -

Adult Yudanja: Onruri, 9th Dan -


  1. Do you have books for the new poomsaes and
    Black Belt poomsaes from 4thDan to 9thDan?

  2. Can I get some books on this? Or do they have books for this?

  3. Looks exciting. I am 5th dan and been doing Taeguk 1 to Ilyeo 3x a week not just for mastery but for fitness reasons all my life. It won't be a big deal since old or new Poomsae are movements with their own magnitude and direction - all lethal and practical when integrated with the instincts of the body and mind.

  4. These poomsae cannot be performed by old people... Day by day we will find that traditional taekwondo will remain the basis!