Was Bruce Lee a dance instructor?

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 Bruce Lee the Dancer

The legend Bruce lee was born as Lee Jun Fan  November 27, 1940 in Chinese Hospital, San Fancisco,in the United States. Bruce had many quotes such as: '' Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do''
lee was  a Hong Kong American actor, director, martial artist and also a philosopher, was married to an American lady named Linda Cadwell (1964 - 1973 )
Bruce Lee was a super martial artist known for his speed and incredible moves, but many people did not know he was also a dancer, and it would be also kind of chocking to know that Bruce Lee was the crown colony Cha Cha dancing of Hog Kong in 1958, that time he was only 18 years, two years after starting learning Wing chun from the great grand master Ip Man.
There are many pictures and videos of Bruce Lee while dancing since he was 16, and even when he went to American his first job he did was a dance instructor :) but after moving to Seattle he left his dance behind .
He kept a notebook in which he had noted 108 different Cha Cha steps of dance.
When he emigrated to the United states (San Francisco) he was the lower decks of a ship, but it did not take much time to be invited to the first class place in the ship to teach the passengers how to dance Cha Cha dance :)
we have looked for more information about the instructor (s) who taught him Cha Cha dance but unfortunately we did not find any record about it.
When Bruce Lee star started to shine, He left dance to focused more about wing Chun and later his own martial art Jeet Kun Do, and also the cinema took most of his time.


This footage where Bruce Lee was dancing was filmed in 1956, and Lee was only 16 years only :)