Khabib wrestling against his father

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Khabib is one of the biggest stars of the Mixed martial arts. He is a great fighter who has a very good background in wrestling. 

It was kind of sad to see a video of him wrestling with his father who passed away lately at the age of 57 years old after some complication with the Corona virus.  

Abdulmanap was a very strong man and we can see on that video with Khabib that he had both power and also the technique. 

Khabib is young and strong but still he waa struggling to beath his father.For sure Khabib won't wrestle his father as he does inside the cage with one of his opponents, but still we can see that Abdulmanap was a strong man. 

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was a famous Judo trainer and who had a successful experience as a coach.   

It was so sad to lose such a great man like Abdulmanap, and we do know that the mixed martial arts community and fans of Khabib will miss him. 

This video shows a good example of the father and son relation and also coach and student relation.