The 3rd Pro win in MMA for Taekwondo athlete Valerie Loureda

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 Valerie Loureda is an American Taekwondo athlete and holds the fourth Dan black belt (Which makes the person be called master).

She moved to the Mixed martial arts competition couple of years ago.

She did three amateur fights in the 2018, and she won two fights and lost one, and she was 20 years old at the time.

Valerie started competing in pro Mixed martial arts one year later in 2019.

In 2019 she had two pro fights and won both of them, one was against Colby Fletcher (February, 2019) and the second was against Larkeyn Dasch (June 14, 2019).

Valerie won her third fight when she knocked out her opponent Tara Graff four days ago (07-08-2020).

This last fight was not a normal one because things got too personal because of Tara Graff's critics towards Valerie.

Graff was criticizing the way Valerie promote her self in social media such as in Instagram or Tiktok, and saying that is not a good example in the sport.

We do know that Valerie Loureda is posting a lot of revealing pictures on social media.

Valerie celebrated her win against Tara Graff after knocking her out by dancing to show her happiness.

This act would not be appreciated by many people especially in a knockout case.

Is Valerie really on the right way to become an MMA champion?

To answer this question we should wait for her next fights and also the level of her future opponents.

Her last three fights that she won were not too tough, and her opponents did not really have a good MMA record.

First fight against Colby Fletcher:

Colby had only three pro fights (she one one single fight and lost two)

Second fight against Larkyn Dasch:

Larkyn did only one fight and lost it against Christina Adcock.

Third fight against Tara Graff:

Tara only did two fights, she won one and lost one.

Tell us what do you think about this athlete from Taekwondo background, and if she will have a good future in the Mixed martial arts competition.

Feel free to share your opinions with us.

You can watch the fight here:

through the link

or through her IG: