Somros ‘Rose’ Polcharoen

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 The confusion in martial arts fights.

It is known for everybody the sparring competition in all martial arts is organized by many rules, which makes the challenge fair for all competitors.
Most competitions separate athletes according to their age (cadet, Junior and senior) an sometimes each 10 years is a category (under 20 ears old, under 30 YO, under 40 YO...), and weight (each martial art has different weight categories, and the world championships weights can be different than the Olympic weights), and most importantly by gender.
The gender is the most criteria that makes the game fair between two competitors, and we are going to discuss this topic it in our article today.
The gender simply means boy or girl, male or female, men or women, and the normal competition allow the competitors of the same gender to compete in the same competition.
We sometimes can see challenges between men and females in some friendly small sparring events, but it was never considered as an official competition.
Before we mention the subject of this article, we would like to remind you dear readers that we are not judging anyone, and everyone is responsible about their actions, and fee to do whatever make them comfortable.
It is kind of shocking to see that transgenders are joining the fighting competitions, because we are not used to see that in competitions history, and honestly it is confusing to decide in which gender they should compete.
I decided to write about this topic when I saw a Muay Thai fight between a male and a transgender, and in the beginning i was not able to know what was going, because the title was in Thai language, so i thought it was a fight between a male and a female, but going through the comments i found out it was a fight between a man and a transgender fighter.
This transgender was a normal male who transformed himself to a girl ... I still can not understand how this is happening but strange things always happen in life.
Many make fighters avoid to fight against this transgender fighter named Somros ‘Rose’ Polcharoen for many reasons, one of them is being afraid to be defeated by a transgender.
Her first fight against a male fighter was in June 2018 in Bangkok Thailand, and the thing is that after than she won against a lot of male fighters and even knocked some of them out..
What do you think about this? Should transgender be accepted in sparring against men??

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  1. If they are born a male and want to compete as a male fighter, I say go for it. When they are born a male and then want to compete as a female fighter, no way.