Price Nasseem / Why did i retire?

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Naseem Hamed is a legendary British former boxer from Yemen descendant was born February 12, 1974 in England and known as Prince Nassem or Naz.

He was a professional boxer for ten years from 1992 till 2002, and has a very impressive boxing record of 37 fights, he won 36 of them and lost one and only fight to Marco Antonio Barrera.

His fight against Barrera  could be one of the real reasons behind Naseem's retirement, because it was the only professional fight he lost.

Many people do not know the circumstances of that fight, and it is not to look for excuses for him, and he does not need excuses to prove anything.

Let's make things clear.

They called Nassem and proposed a fight against Barrera, and they mentioned the millions he would get of he accepts the fight.

That call was only eight weeks before that fight, and the worst thing was that Naseem was 15 kilograms overweight, and to lose that weight in only eight weeks and also train for the fight is a huge challenge.

Before the fight call, Naseem was not training and his life style was not good enough for a fighter, that is why he gained that much weight in 6 months after his previous fight against Augie Sanchez in August 19, 2000.

Naseem did not retire directly after facing Barrera, and he did another fight in 2002, and he won against Manuel Calvo.

Nasseem started young and retired young too at the age of 28.

Nasseem mentioned one of the main reasons that made him step out the ring, He had much pain in his hands, and he was resolving that problem by  injecting cortisone to stop that pain before and after the fights.  

Prince Nasseem said  that he was keeping his gloves in his hands because they get swollen and Naseem described them as biggest balloons.

After his retirement the fit Nasseem just looked different than ever, He did gain too much weight, and he even look like someone else, and many people will not recognize him, I personally did not know it was him when i saw a picture of him after the retirement.

The champion Nasseem did choose to be with his family and live a stable and normal life, that is a good choice too :)