JCVD vs Mike Tyson in Kickboxer: Retaliation

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kick-boxer retaliation is a martial arts movie was released January 26, 2018.
Most of successful kickboxing movies were those where Jean Claude Van Damme was the main hero and also including the brothers Micheal Qissi (Tongpo) and also Abdel Qissi, and personally do think that the most successful film was the one released 31 years ago in 1989 (Kickboxer).
It does not mean that other movies are bad but the original version of anything always has a unique charm.  
Lets get back to our main topic :)
This article is about a new kick Boxing movie that was released about two years ago, 
This filmed included actors by profession, martial artists, kickboxing competitors and even from football (Ronaldo).
Jean Claude Van Damme in this movie had the role of a Muay Thai coach not like the old days when he was the sudent and fighter :)
The names that appeared in this movie are:
Alain Moussi as Kurt Sloane, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Master Durand, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as Mongkut, Mike Tyson as Briggs , Sara Malakul Lane as Liu Sloane, Christopher Lambert as Thomas Moore, Steven Swadling as Joseph King, Sam Medina as Crawford, Miles Strommen as Rupert, Randy Charach as Drake, Brian Shaw as Huge Convict, Roy Nelson as Big Country, Ronaldinho as Ronaldo, Fabricio Werdum as Fabricio, Jessica Jann as Gamon, Maxime Savaria as Somsak, Nicholas Van Varenberg as Travis, Wanderlei Silva as Chud, Rico Verhoeven as Moss, Renato Sobral as Himself, Renzo Gracie as Himself, Frankie Edgar as Himself, Maurício Rua as Himself and Jazz Securo as Fight Announcer.
It is amazing that the movie includes a fighting scene between Jean Claude Van Damme and the Iron Mike Tyson.
At the time JCVD is aged od 58 years old while Mike Tyson was 53 years old.
Here is the fight scene between the two legends:

Here is the full movie:

PS: Arabic speakers are lucky to have Arabic subtitles 

Enjoy :)