A boxer attacking his coach

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We always talk about manners in sports and martial arts, and the importance of the behavior of athletes (practitioners) inside the training places, competition events and in the society in general.

It always happen to see some shocking acts in different sports and martial arts, and most of those weird and bad acts can be toward the opponent or the opponent's team (Example: the conflict that happened between Khabib and Mcgregor).

It is strange to see a fighter attacking his coach, that says a lot about the relation between the two, and also about the athlete's training environment.

Some schools of martial arts do not really care much about the manners and the behavior in their schools.

The education should start so early because educating a young athlete is much easier than an adult.

We have mentioned in previous articles that martial arts schools should punish the athletes if they needed to, or even kick them out if their behavior was too bad.

The bad behavior can be also contagious and having a bad athlete in your school can  affect your other students especially kids.

We came across this weird and shocking video of boxing.

This boxing match is not an amateur one, and the two boxers are professional ones.

The fight ended up and the referee wanted to declare the winner, and it seems that the blue corner has an issue with that and he still wanted to fight.

His coach was calling him and surprisingly his fighter attacked him, and tried to punch him, luckily the trainer was good enough to defend himself and avoid the punches toward his head.

The blue (short) corner fighter was just angry and had no control on his emotions. He would need some anger management sessions :)

We checked out his record and we found that he is an experienced boxer.

Levan Shonia is a Georgian boxer and living in Kiev, Ukraine, He did his debut in boxing in 2006, and he is 36 years old now and still active. He did a total of 34  fights till now, He won 15  fights including 11 knockouts, and he lost 19 fights.

Levan Shonia  was suspended by the Belarusian Federation of professional boxing until August 20, 2020.

We did not talk about the other boxer because Levan was the one who attracted all the attention :)

feel free to share your opinions with us.

What do you think about this ugly behavior?