The only female who can perform one finger push ups! Fake or real??

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Maybe the best martial artist known for performing one finger push up was the icon star Bruce Lee. 
Lee had the opportunity to make a demonstration during the Long Beach Karate Championships in mid sixties, and introduced his style to the martial arts community, that is when Bruce Lee performed his one finger push up, which proved that he was skillful.
People sometimes struggle to perform normal push ups using one hand and sometimes even using both hands.
The push ups using one single finger requires a serious training and commitment, and it is not something that you can try to do without any previous training that prepares you.
The finger is a tiny organ in the human body and it does not seem logical that this tiny finger can hold most of the body weight.
Trying to perform finger push ups may lead a serious injury and it may cause a fracture of the joints of the finger.
This exercise is considered impossible for most men, and it would be shocking to know there is a female who can perform one finger push ups.
The guest of our article today is a female martial artist from Indonesia, and she is practicing Pencak silat.
Pincak Silat is an Indonesian martial art  recognized as an world heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in December, 2019.
chintya candranaya is a young female martial artist that showed good talent through her videos that she posts on the social media plat forms or on YouTube.
She has many videos performing Pencak Silat techniques and including the arms as well.
We have found a video of her performing one finger push up, and we think this video will change your opinion about women and what they can reach in martial arts. 
She was performing one finger push up, while her finger is almost straight, and it looked easy while performing it.
But wait!! the second part of the video  make us have a doubt the first part of the video.
in the second part of the video  was in a TV show, she was performing two fingers push ups, and she did two or three and it seemed to be too difficult for her.
our question here is: is one finger push up easier than two fingers push ups??
Please watch the first part (one finger push up) and then compare it to the second part where she is performing two fingers push up, and give us your opinion.
or here :    

Here is another two fingers push up


  1. You know this girl is a known fraud. Most of the things she does are video tricks. She even claimed to beating up 40 people at one time.

  2. Ella No es ningún fraude, que tiene algunos pocos videos exagerados es otra cosa, en cuanto a las lagartijas con un dedo, ella habia aclarado que por hacer lagartijas con un dedo se fracturó mano y estuvo sin practicar ese tipo de lagartijas por 05 meses y que por eso, ahora hace lagartijas con 2 o 3 dedos.