Martial arts and the myths

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This is a very nice and well done martial arts prank done by this young man and the man acting with him.
People outside the martial arts society believes that people practice karate or Taekwondo can possess extreme powers that other do not.
It is true that martial arts have a lot of secrets that make people turn to supermen compared to regular people, but only few people can reach those levels.
Through the years there were many talented people from different martial arts who were able to do very impressive stuff, and even nowadays we still ca see few legends and thousands of fake people :)
We still can see Shaolin monks doing supernatural shows including breaking very hard stuff.
Lets go back to our prank :)
This martial arts prank was made up in a street in New York City, where this young actor destroyed a street lamp of steel, and a beautiful motorcycle  and a water hydrant :)
This young small actor here was bothered by this man (actor)standing near his bike, the kid was trying to avoid him. When this man (the actor) insisted to bother him, this kid decided to make a show off of his ''abilities'' by kicking and breaking the unbreakable stuff :) then he moved to the other target that was the man's the beautiful bike :)
The beautiful thing is that people were entertained  and loved it  and some were shocked.
Also the expression of this kids was amazing :)
The stuff used in this prank were prepared before that prank show, and it is a fake prank so no need to discuss if it is real or fake, and it is just an entertaining prank, but a good one.
If you have any pranks  that deserve to be shared, please feel free to send them to us.
lets watch the video :)