Pooja Bhalekar, The female who did the female version of Enter Dragon (bruce Lee Film)

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The martial arts movies were and still great motivational sources for people around the world, and most of the successful actors in the business are those who did martial arts in their youth and some of them did the competition too.
The martial arts roles in cinema were also given to non martial artists and normal actors who know nothing about the fighting styles. When they find the right actor for a certain role, they train the actor or the actress for few months before filming, and they use many accessories that helps the actor/actress to perform the fighting techniques, and also they can hire stunts to replace the actors in many difficult or dangerous scenes. The stunts can be helpful for the protection of actors when there is  a risk of injury, and sometimes when the accessories does not help the actor to do his role in a good way.
The guest of our article today is an Indian actress who did the main role in a new released movie in 2019. The title of the movie was Enter The Girl Dragon.
The title reminds us of the Bruce Lee famous movie Enter the Dragon.
We are not sure how would the martial arts community react of this imitation :) 
The production of this film was Indian and Chinese, and the actress is Indian female in her mid twenties.
The actress named Pooja Bhalekar was trained seriously and went through very hard training  and they have taught her several martial arts and tricks to make her ready for her role in the film.
Honestly we can say that she has some talent and with her physical flexibility she can even be better, but do you think that Pooja reached that level to play the role in the female version of the movie Enter Dragon of Bruce Lee?
Please feel free to share your opinions about this.
Your opinions matter.