why did i quit Taekwondo??

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We came across this video where this 
man explains the reasons why he quit 
Taekwondo, and we thought we should 
share it with all of you.

everyone has the choice to choose which 
martial art they should practice, and none 
can force you to be stuck in a specific sport.
This ex ITF Taekwondo practitioner is sharing 
his thoughts according to his experience 
in martial arts, and explains his decision 
to quit Taekwondo and go to other martial arts.
one of the reasons that Taekwondo practice 
may damage your body and the practitioner 
can not still practice Taekwondo in a certain 
age, especially the complicated techniques.
watch the video to see the other reasons 

that made him take a decision to stop 
doing ITF Taekwondo.
lets watch the video 


  1. All TKD schools are not created equal. They should be teaching applications from the forms, otherwise you are correct. If you are taught the applications, you then can use them in street sparring which we do.

  2. well, good for you, seems like you needed to search and have found it for you.