Do we need rules to protect Taekwondo tradition 🤔

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The changes happening in taekwondo are a lot, and it is affecting many parts of Taekwondo. 

After many years this fast development is changing the image of Taekwondo, and we worry that it would convert Taekwondo to another sport that we do not know 🤔
The responsible organizations such Kukkiwon or World Taekwondo Federation should create laws to stop the mess before it destroys the tradition of Taekwondo. 

                                                    Wuxi 2017 World Taekwondo World Cup Championships

Hanmadang for example is an activity organized by Kukkiwon to save Taekwondo tradition, which is a great objective, but saving the tradition would need specific rules to stop practitioners from crossing some borders. We do not mean to kill the imagination, the development nor the artistic side.

In these last years we noticed that many athletes are simply mixing between some Taekwondo and night clubs dirty dancing, which is far away from what Taekwondo really is. 
Also there is no respect for the uniform (Dobok), and we can see female athletes trying to show more skin or the shape of their bodies 😐. 
In a competition like Hanmadang, Teams or individuals join the championships for fun and also to win a medal, therefore, they try to bring something new to the competition especially in free poomsae and dance choreographic.

Saving the tradition of Taekwondo is not an easy mission nowadays, because most schools are far away from teaching the traditional martial art, and with the influence of the Olympic taekwondo things are getting complicated.
Please let us know what do you think about this? Should be there laws or rules to control Taekwondo? 


  1. It is not ballet. "Martial" Art, means "military" It is a defensive fighting art. Keep it real

  2. stop this prostitution, it destroys what Taekwondo stands for and is

  3. I think the responsible organizations do not have to ban the competitions such as Hanmadang because it promote the spirit of practitioner. However, they should create rules to avoid athletics from destroy traditional of Taekwondo.

  4. I do agree to date the tradition,but for that one should be open to teach and accept new things.first Korean to English documents of translation of taekwondo should made available for all students across the world one taekwando one family

  5. Taekwondo is not meant to be a scene from Step it Up. If they want to do that then go to hip hop class. Taekwondo has discipline and a uniform if you dont like that then move along. You wouldn't see the military allowing these fairies to carry on like this.

  6. they look like a bunch of cheer leaders not teakwondo

  7. What!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  8. Its not a fashion show dance.
    It's martial art, there's this word called "art" in it. A traditional art

  9. This is ridiculous... Tkd is not a cheerleading competition. Now of all of these ladys had a battle royal (choreographed of course)that would be awesome for sure. But this????

  10. Okay, what the hell is this?! I used ti train TKD and for all i know this is not taekwondo. Jeeez, if you want to dance, sign up for a dance not TKD. I support the champaign! There should be strict rules about Basic of TKD, so thr image cant be ruined!!!