This person used to hit and abuse people till he met the right man (Karma hit him)

2:55:00 PM Tkd kwan 3 Comments

This person called Charlie Zelenoff who claimed that he was a boxing champion was hitting everyone, 
and it seems that he is challenging or lets say abusing people who have no boxing knowledge, he make them 
wear the gloves then just start punching them on the face, 

that is a cheap way to his superiority on them.
We have seen him in many videos doing the same thing to people till Karma happened :) He met the right man who punished him in a good way, and he needed people to save him.
Sports without good manners are equal to 0, and this guy called Charlie has nothing to do with sports or boxing.
We are not sure if this Charlie got the lesson or not, but we are sure that it will stop him at least till he recovers psychologically :)


  1. Little shit! That's what he gets!

  2. That little chicken shit basted! I'm glad he got his ass beat ! They should have let that dude choke him out and then wreck his ass .

  3. What a fucking pussy