The most powerful Taekwondo knockout

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Taekwondo is a tough martial art that requires alot of commitment to master its techniques. 
During the gold old days of Taekwondo, the knockouts and the knock downs happen in most championships and tournaments. And even with the use of the helmets, this did not stop Kos and kds to happen. 

After being accepted as an Olympic sport, Taekwondo took few changes before the big changes happen to it. 
Some specific Taekwondo kicks were causing the knock outs and the knock downs, especially the back kicks (dwit Chagi) and the spinning back kicks (mondolyochagi).. 
The way of training was different and it helped athletes to have very strong kicks, even in light weight divisions. 

Besides kicking the pads, Taekwondo fighters were working a lot on sand bags or those bags full of wood carpentry, and for those who never kicked with that thing, you should know that it has nothing to do with the soft poor Bob that wears a t-shirt in your dojangs nowadays 😁
The Wood carpentry bag is being kicked days after day and each time the carpentry goes down, more is added to it, and after a while you get a Compressed carpentry bad that feels solid like wood. 

We have found a video of a knockout during a Championships (the golden era of Taekwondo). 

This is probably the most epic knockout in Taekwondo sparring history. The technique used here's was a back kick which is one of the strongest kicks in Taekwondo no matter what the target is, and here the kick hit the head directly, which caused an incredible knock out, and even the athlete could not put his hands on front of him after falling. This back kick simply turned him off. 
This Championships belongs to the golden era of Taekwondo, this was a short time after they started using Taekwondo helmets in sparring