Integrating dance in a Taekwondo demonstration

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Taekwondo demonstration by the ROK at Seoul Air Show 2019. 
                      Picture from YouTube 

Taekwondo as we have mentioned in previous articles before is getting modernized everyday, and it seems that changes and external influences are not going to stop.

Here is a good Taekwondo demonstration performed by the ROK Korean Team, their show was amazing and spectacular. 
                              Picture from YouTube 

The thing that we don't understand is why should they integrate the dancers in this demonstration. 
With belly Dance outfit the dancers joined the Taekwondo demonstration that is supposed to be a deadly martial art practiced in the military.
Picture from YouTube

There is a saying that oil and water do not mix, but it seems that they want to mix it here in this demonstration. 

We have nothing against dance as dance, but mixing it with Taekwondo makes nonsense.
Let's watch this video and feel free to share your thoughts about it 👇