A student challenged his master

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Martial arts are based on respect before the basics of the fighting side, and the priority is in every Dojang or Dojo is the respect the master or the instructor.

Having a fun sparring or a training  kyorugi with your master is okay, but when you take things seriously and ask to challenge your master is absolutely a wrong thing.
When you ask to challenge your master, you are directly telling him that you want to prove that you are stronger than him, or that he is too old to fight.
It is normal that students become stronger and faster than their masters but the masters have more knowledge that they earned from the experience through the years.

This student here decided to challenge his master for a sparring, which is a rude thing toward his master.
The fight did not last too much and the master seem to be in a good shape and succeeded to knock down his student.
watch this video and feel free to share your opinions.

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  1. Please remember your Taekwondo Tenets - student.