69 years old Tai Chi master knocked out at 30 seconds

10:38:00 AM Tkd kwan 3 Comments

Not sure what was going in his mind, This 69 years old Tai Chi master named Mao Baoguo decided to challenge an amateur fighter aged of 49 years old.

Besides the difference of 20 years which is already too much in competitive sports and fighting martial arts, being almost 70 is already too old for serious sparring or fighting.
Mao claimed that he would beat the UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili but this amateur named Wang Qingmin stopped him by a knock out in only 30 seconds :)
These people are bringing shame to traditional martial arts and make them look stupid -_-
The Tai Chi master was not fighting or showing any good technique for someone who spent their life practicing a real martial art.

In real fights the fancy movements are not needed, and only effective techniques can be useful. This Tai Chi master could make a good show if he demonstrate one of his style forms, but he was not successful in the real thing.


  1. So, with all due respect to Tai Chi, "masters": BE HONEST AND KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES.

  2. If one of the Chinese kungfu master won title in ufc then i will only believe kungfu is real

  3. It wasn’t Tai Chi... it’s just click bait