Why kids should not be black belts?

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The creation of the POOM is allowing the kids at a very young age to test for the black belt. Somehow it is kind of rewarding kids for the efforts they were doing and encouraging them to keep practicing the art.

Black belt was and still a dream for kids and adults, men and women, and many practitioners visualize their goal in that certification. 
Some would describe black belt as the beginning of the journey in Taekwondo, i honnestly do not agree much about that, because in old days the student was suffering to earn their black belts, by spending many years in the dojang and participating in championships to improve their level. A student who has been through all of these experiences would have earned some maturity in Taekwondo.

In the other hand, let's see those who test for their black belt in two years of practice and get the black belt. Honnestly students who got it that fast are real beginners in Taekwondo, because Taekwondo is not only about doing a technique correctly but also about spending years doing it.
Now let's go back to our main topic. Kids at early age still do not realize the meaning of many things in Taekwondo, and we are talking here about the technical side only, without mentioning the philosophy of Taekwondo, history and so on...
It is not about earning a black belt but about becoming a black belt. 
We can see kids aged of 7, 8 or 9 holding the first poom (black belt) in Taekwondo, and this is making their parents very proud.

The responsibility of Kukkiwon in this matter is too big, and they should think about it.
Here you go, this girl got her black belt at the age of 6 👇