Last WT update about the tight legging- uniform

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As we all know, the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) won't stop making changes everywhere for few reasons that most most of us do not know, and the last change is adopting a new uniform for the Olympic games Tokyo 2020.

The World Taekwondo Council had a meeting in Moscow during the final grand prix, and the global governing body of the sport anounced their approval for the more practical uniform for the Olympic games. We really don not know if they mean that is practical for Taekwondo, yoga, ballet ot something similar to that.

The uniform was tested in Japan three months ago, and they say that is more breathable and convenient which is actually true, but why they forget that Taekwondo was a martial art.
But WT said it will make minor design changes to the pants, which drew complaints about being "too tight." In the next few months, the WT will also determine their colors.

The colors of the top uniform will remain white and the head protectors red and blue.
In a recent interview with The Korea Times, WT President Choue Chung-won said the uniform will be used only for fight competition and will not entirely replace the traditional white one.