Chuck Norris first style is a Taekwondo Kwan

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Chuck Norris started his martial arts journey by practicing the japanese martial art Judo, unfortunately or fortunately he broke his shoulder when he fell on the mat, and maybe it was a wrong way of falling especially that it happened after only two weeks of practice. 

After his injury, he came upon a group of people practicing a martial art he did not know before, he asked his judo master about it and he told him that it was Tang Soo Do. Chuck Norris was interested to practice it till his shoulder recovers, so his judo master introduced him to Tang Soo Do master Jae Chul Shin. Chuck Norris was training 5 jours a day, and after one year and few months he was tested for black belt. 
After returning back to United States, he did not find any Tang Soo Do schools, so he started ttaining on his own. 
When few people showed interest in his training, Chuck Norris (21 years old) open a school in the military at the base to start teaching. 

After his discharge in 1962, he opened a school in Torrance, California with his brother Aaron who was also training.
Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art founded by Great GM Hwang Kee around 1944/1945 after the liberation of Korea.
Tang Soo Do is combining elements of  the Japanese Shotokan Karate,the traditional Korean Subak & Taekkyon, and also the Chinese Kung Fu.

Here is a short video showing one step sparring (hanbon kyorugi) of Tang Soo Do.      👇👇👇


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