Discover the beautiful Korean traditional martial art

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Taekkyon has many leg and whole-body techniques with fully integrated armwork. 

Although Taekkyon primarily utilizes kicking, punching, and arm strikes thrown from a mobile stance and does not provide a framework for groundfighting, it does incorporate a variety of different throws, takedowns, and grappling techniques to complement its striking focus.

Taekkyon is the first martial art recognised as a National treasure of South Korea in 1983 and a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage
Taekkyon was widely practised during the Joseon period. Two versions existed at the time: one for combat application, the other as a game.
GM Song Deok-Gi was the main preserver of Taekkyon because he was the last master after the world War 2 (19 January 1893- 23 July 1987).
He helped convey the art during the Japanese Occupation if Korea (1910-1945) and the  Korean (1950-1953).

Here is a small video that shows the art of Taekkyun 👇👇

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