Muay-Thai fighter destroyed a Wing Chun fighter (roundhouse head kick KO)

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It seems that Wing Chun practitioners are still trying to prove that their martial art is strong enough and not just an art of smooth and soft techniques. 

These fighters from Wing Chun are challenging and accepting chalengers from other martial arts suck as kick boxing, Muay-Thai and so on. 
In this fight the wing chun fighter coyld not last over 72 seconds. 
The Muay-Thai fighter was real in this fight and using his style, while the wing chun fighter changed his style of fighting when he noticed that it was not working to defeat the Muay-Thai fighter. 
Wing Chun fighter
Picture from YouTube 

Fighters do not always represent their martial arts as it should be, therefore, the result of fights similar to this one in this post does nit mean that a martial art is better than another. 
In every martial art you can find good martial artist and bad ones, and it is rare that good fighters join these kind of fights. 
The Wing Chun fighter was 78 kg and 178 cm while the Muay-Thai was 66 kg and 166 cm. That means that the size did not matter at all here.. 
The knock out in this fight seems to be too strong, because as we can see, and the wing chun fighter was sleeping on the ring, and the medical staff needed much time to wake him up. 

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