Do Taekwondo athletes need Chiropractors?

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Do we need Chiropractors to help us in our Taekwondo practice?
This is the topic mentioned on the video below by dr. Brenda who is also practicing Taekwondo.

For many people, the word chiropractor is not known but lately we can see on the social media or YouTube that many doctors are posting their videos about their chiropractic treatment, and they say that is one of the effective solution for many health issues especially those related to  joints problems (back, shoulders, hips...).
Chiropractors claim to adjust your body, while using their hands or some small instruments, in order to improve the body physical function. 
The chiropractor treatment in general is not cheap and the services range from 30 $ to 200 $, and each type of treatment has a different price. 
A typical chiro therapy session can cost around 65 US $. 
We do not think that many people can afford it, but the good news is that is covered by many insurance plans. 

Honnnestly our opinion about what Chiropractors is neutral and we are not sure if everything they claim they can do is right or not. In the next posts we may discuss some of the issues that Chiropractors claim they can fix. 
Let's watch this video 

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  1. Hopefully being taught and adapting good technique, we will manage to keep our body alignment, so as not to damage ourselves. Accidents happen though.