An MMA fighter destroyed a Wing chun fighter 😳

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                      From YouTube video 
This is another fight Between different martial arts. 

The fighter wearing blach t-shirt  and shorts is doing MMA, while the other fighter is doing wing chun. 
Watching this fight will make you notice that the mma guy was used to kicks and punches, and he seems to handle them, but the wing chun guy is a bit weak in this fight (nothing against the great art of wing chun). 
Lately we have seen many wing chun fighters trying to fight using the same style that most of us have seen in Ip man movie. Maybe this movie had a big influence of those fighters, that's a guess only. 

Wing chun is a great art but people should be aware that going to a fight is not going to make a movie. 
We also should not forget that Wing chun is the first martial art that Bruce Lee studied in his his youth befire developing his own art Jeet kun do. 
In this fight the mma guy looks bigger compared to the wing chun guy, and also physically and technically stronger, and it is so clear that he was trained to fight. 

Let's watch this 👇