A kickboxer knocking down a kyukushin fighter

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This fight is between a Kickboxing fighter against a kyukushin karate fighter, both fighters were strong, and the kyukushin fighter has a bigger size than the kickboxer, he also handle the kicks without any issues. 

The kickboxer is a bit little so the choices are limited. In the 2:42 he executed a roundhouse kick to the head of the kyukushin fighter followed by a punch, and knocked him down (not sure if that punch was the cause of that KD) 🤷‍♂️
And again this is not to compare between martial arts which one is better, and each martial artist can present their art in a good or a bad way, and there are also other factors such as the fitness of each athlete. 
Size does not matter... Sometimes 😁

                  Let's watch this👇