Pranking a national Taekwondo champion went wrong (Knockout)

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Pranks are done everywhere and some are real while many are just made up.
Making a prank for martial artists is a bit different and risky because they may react differently and they even can hurt somebody.
When you know how to defend your self, you have few option if you have been attracted in the street, the first one is to run and avoid any engagement but this one would be seen cowardice a bit :) and most of you would hate to be a coward, and the truth is that safety comes first, and you do not need to behave like you are acting in a movie, because the consequences might be too bad. The second option is to use your martial arts knowledge and defend your self the way you have been taught in your doajng/Dojo.
This is what happened in our story today, they tried to prank this Taekwondo national champion and they put him in a bad situation to see his reaction. 
This taekwondo guy decided to defend himself by using his Taekwondo skills, when he executed a head kick Mondolyo chagi (spinning back kick) and knocked down the attacker.  This prank went wrong because maybe they did not expect his reaction to be this way.
What do you personally think about this reaction? Would you do the same thing or not?
Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us.
Let's watch 👇👇


  1. Not a good prank to pull. It looked dangerous; he did what he needed to do.

  2. Me and my friends witness that how Taekwondo really helped us when it comes to self defense. Its very useful to defend your self..

    1. old school TKD yes. not the foot fencing that TKD is now

  3. Fake.. He hit the clown with the back of his leg. Not his foot.

  4. fake as fuck and fuckyou for posting this.

  5. Had they really meant business, he'd have been overpowered when he almost stumbled.

  6. He did what he suppose to to do. You don't just prank anyone you see. It was indeed a dangerøus prank.