Taekwondo vs Judo🤔

1:08:00 PM Tkd kwan 4 Comments

It is acceptable to see a mixed sparring between two martial arts that contains kicking and punching, but it is a bit strange to organize a fight between a kicking martial art and a wrestling one.

The strangest thing in this video is the the wrestling martial art Judo is winning against Taekwondo.
The question is why would you accept challenging a non kicking/punching art if you can not represent Taekwondo in a good way??
Let's watch 👇👇


  1. To learn where our art is lacking and to improve the parts.

  2. The TKD guy fought well but it is not easy to fight wrestlers with kicks, he should work more with his punches but however it was a good fight!

    1. He is not wrestler. His fighting style is Judo.

  3. Oh, he represented TKD really well, this is just how it's going to end up every time against a grappler...lol