Miss Valerie from Taekwondo to Mma

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Valeria Loureda aged of 20 years old now is
 a fourth Dan Taekwondo athlete, and a daughter of 
a Taekwondo master is moving to mixed martial arts and trying to be a professional fighter.

Valeria is not the only Taekwondo athlete to leave the Korean martial art to fight as an MMA athlete.
Many athletes continued their carrier in mixed martial arts and became successful.

So we will see how things will go for Valerie. 
This is one of her MMA fights 👌

Let's watch 👇👇


  1. I'm sorry, she relied way too much on running around or away and kicks. Her hands weren't always held up to protect her face.

    If she learned BJJ and kickboxing clinch work then she would had finished the fight long before in the beginning. Even sweeping would helped.

  2. That wasn't a gos fight. She ran more than Mayweather

  3. ok there keyboard warriors. Trolls have you ever been in the ring before ? Doubtful. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face -- Mike Tyson

  4. No respect for her opponent outside the ring!!

  5. Good luck to her and all women tough enough physically and even more mentally for this sport!

  6. I know i am really behind from when this originally hired, but I also train in Takwondo, Hapkido, and grappling. Valerie says she wants to represent taekwondo in the highest form possible... I'm sorry but I didn't that. As a master she should have been fighting backwards, not just running away. Very minimal sidekicks, ax kicks, hook kicks, just a whole array that she didn't utilize. Disappointed ��. Hopefully her fighting style has changed since this fight.