Disrespect to Taekwondo and Karate 👎👎

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 Every martial artist try to show the good side in their martial art and promote it as an effective style against different attacks, this is a normal thing in the society of martial arts in general, but some people may go a bit far when they try to make their styles shine more than others. We have posted many articles before about fights between different styles, but we never tried to compare the styles between each other, and we always put a note that we do respect all martial arts, and posting articles about fights between different martial arts does not mean to compare between them.
Every martial art has strong points and also has their weakness, and no martial art is complete as some try to tell us, but we should admit that some styles were born and created by copying and pasting techniques and put a new name and call them ''martial arts'', those styles do not really deserve that name because they were not created from new techniques but from stealing the fighting techniques from other martial arts and adopt it in their new born style. This is not our main topic and we may talk about it in the coming articles.
In our topic today, this man here was trying to promote his Brazilian Jujitsu and compare it to Taekwondo and Karate, and trying to say that it is effective compared to these martial arts.
The first truth about the Brazilian Jujitsu is that it was taken from the original Japanese style and took the ground wrestling techniques and added more techniques to it then called it Brazilian Jujitsu.
BJJ can be useful only when the fighters are ion the ground, this is why the BJJ fighters prefer to go to the ground directly and wait for you to be engaged in ground wrestling. The BJJ fighter can not throw you or take you down to the ground as a Judo fighter will do, and we do know from many fighters that Brazilian Jujitsu fighters are always in trouble whenever they face Judo fighters, and we have posted before about the Gracie hunter, the Japanese fighter who beat them all. We have also posted an article about Kimura who fought against Helio Gracie an broke his arm, which forced his team to through the towel. 
There is a huge propaganda behind BJJ as the most effective fighting style and as a complete system, but that is not true at all.
Most of you especially BJJ practitioners won't like what I am trying to say here, but i would just give you a small prove about that.
A BJJ fighter can not fight against more than a single opponent, and one you are on the ground with one opponent you will have no solution against a second opponent or more, this one makes the striking martial arts superior in this side.
This video we have here is really promoting the BJJ in a very negative way, because the guys here are trying to sell us their thoughts about their style.
Both Karate and taekwondo are great martial arts and we can see many examples of successful fighters with Taekwondo and Karate background.
Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this.


  1. you are absolutely right best one on one when on the ground, useless against multiple attackers when dealing with bigger opponent on the ground.

  2. Well, considering one of the Gracies floored a Sambo guy with a kick while being on his back (like he demo'ed), his theory is wrong. Secondly, if someone is trying to take your lunch money, they probably have some friends with them... ready to lay the boot in when you go to ground.

  3. "And you can't kick if you're on your back, can you?" Renzo Gracie disagrees (1.40)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASCNpdGp6PU

  4. I believe that this instructor was right on a few things. Many fights end on the ground. If you,as defender, can't function at least competently on the ground, you are potentially in trouble. This guy is a jujitsu man, he's not going to heavily endorse stand up martial arts. That being said, a striker can very adequately defend themselves against an opponent, or multiple opponents standing up. In the case of multiple opponents, one must strive to stay off the ground, and keep moving aggressively. A street fight is unlike mma ring sports in that pressure point strikes and joint strike attack are fair game. I can only say that if one accepts martial arts as a moving force in their lives, they should be open to all styles, and the approaches they teach.

  5. TKD is the most useless art. Karate is better stand up. Plus, every bjj practitioners now bjj won't do well with multiple attackers. why can't you accept bjj would own tkd anytime of the day. Dumbass

    1. Apparently, you've NEVER been in a real fight on the street! Cage Fighting and MMA are NOT real!! Ignorance is a bliss my friend!!

  6. As a former Law Enforcement Officer who has had to use Jiu-Jitsu on the street in real life, let me say this.... IT'S USELESS IN REAL LIFE. Not saying all of Jiu-Jitsu is, but 99% of it does not work! TKD and Karate are certainly not the best, but on the street a majority of the situations start off on your feet. Only 35% (according to the FBI study on street altercations/self-defense) actually end up on the ground. This "instructor" is so ignorant, arrogant, and plain wrong! It's actually concerning for his students!