Bruce lee home training

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In order to reach that level of fitness that Bruce Lee reached, you have to go through very hard workouts and also a specific nutrition. Bruce lee had an impressive body and he was ripped compared to any man at the time, Lee was not a bodybuilder but a martial artist, but we could see the beauty of each muscle. He succeeded to build an amazing combination of muscles that make us wonder how he did that.
Bruce Lee was not a giant man and his muscles was not big at all but definitely was too beautiful. 
To sculpt the body everyone needs a commitment and hard work and without them Bruce Lee could not have achieved that.
Unfortunately, Bruce Lee passed away too young, and we could not see him reach maybe other levels and that wasn't the highest one he could reach.
What makes the transformation of Bruce Lee special is that it was between sixties and seventies and we do know that fitness industry at the time was not developed and bodybuilding knowledge was little compared to what we have nowadays. 
The video we have today includes some rare footages and also pictures that show Bruce Lee training in his back yard.
Let's watch 👇