The WT started teasing the Taekwondo community since 2013

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August 2013 the World Taekwondo Federation started teasing the 
Taekwondo community when they 

 came up with a design proposed by Juanjo Padrós (we do not know him but that was his name)
                                          2013 design (From mas tkd) 

We really can not call it a dobok but a pajama.
                    2013 design (From mas tkd) 

After 6 years from that, the ''WTF'' is back with almost the same idea but they did not reveal any designer's  name, which means that they adopting the idea to make the fighters look ridiculous 😒

This desigh will make female athletes busy hiding their body. 
There is one good benifits from this new outfit, which is having the biggest audience ever.. Not to watch Taekwondo but something else 👎

                     By S.H.B.H